Karina Manarin is a multidisciplinary fiber-based studio. She is focused on simple paired down silhouettes
that serve as a modern canvas for traditional and experimental surface designs through dye and print. 

Drawing inspiration from desert landscapes, patterns in nature, art process, texture, ritual and cultural
histories; she implements her design philosophies to a few simple products from clothing to home goods. 

The hand dyed and designed textiles are rooted in a playful sense of color, texture and experimentation.
Pieces are hand dyed with a modern sensibility, prints designed with an experimental attitude.

The studio focuses on natural earth conscious materials and process: washing out dye with as little water as
possible, using water based inks/dyes, and recycling materials whenever possible. No animal byproducts, all
vegan. Pup approved. All pieces designed and dyed by hand in Arizona. KM advocates slow fashion, investing in
the pieces you wear. 

Read more about my thoughts and practices, along with other slow fashion advocating designers, here.